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30 January 2012 @ 01:08 am
This journal is now Friends Only as of January 30th, 2005. If you stumbled in here and you want me to add you then PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT so I know to add you back. Hopefully we have things in common so we at least have something to talk about, this isn't me being picky, but it does make things easier.

Friends Only Bitches!


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For other stuff read my info and old entries, thats what they're there for afterall. :) With that in mind go and add me if you dare bitches. ;) *Queen Bee humor*


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25 June 2009 @ 10:43 pm
I'm sure by now you have all heard the news about Michael Jackson, I'm still completely stunned and ever since I saw the news I haven't been able to really believe it. It was just completely sudden and unexpected that when my brother-in-law called my sister to tell her the news I quickly changed the channel, but everyone wsa reporting that he had been in the hospital and a sense of relief came over me. It wasn't until later when I kept watching the news that they made the news official...The King of Pop was gone. Even a couple of hours since it's happened I'm still sitting here thinking that this has to be some sort of huge prank and we're all getting punked right now, and while I wish that was true and that every news station would take back what they said, I know it's not going to happen. I still haven't even had a moment to be sad and grieve only because I'm still like...Am I dreaming? Did this really just happen? It's Michael Jackson and I thought it would be a very long time until I, or the rest of the world would've expected to see news like these and yet everyone is still trying to process it. Even right now I'm still not sure of what to say or how to begin to talk about Michael and his musical achievements because then it'll all be too real. I can't even begin to know how his family must be feeling right now, especially his kids, it's just heartbreaking to even think about it.

Sure I may not have been around when he had first started off his musical career and I wasn't even born by the time Thriller his biggest album to date came out, but thankfully I had parents and siblings who appreciated his music. My dad was a fan of the Jackson 5 and even had the priviledge of watching them perform when he was a teenager, that's so lucky of him and that is always one of his fondest memories and a story he often likes to tell. My sister was also lucky enough to have loved his music when he had released his first album and continued to be a fan of his throughout the 80's and 90's. During the 1990's is when I can remember Michael Jackson thanks to my sister always blasting his music and my brother always saying how cool he thought he was. I was a little kid who was always in awe of his dance moves and loved watching Black & White because it was one that was on at the time and of course having a crush on Macaulay Culkin at the time helped. The older I got, the more I started listening to his music and appreciated it completely. Every single time they'd have some kind of marathon of his I'd always make sure to sit around and watch it with my family, and I remember they always used to show The Making of Thriller on MTV during Halloween. That video and song is and will always be one of my favorites simply because he was the first to take the music video to a whole new level and because everytime I saw the video it would scare the living daylights out of me. Evertime the beat starts I get chills running up and down my spine and I have to start the twitch and start the Thriller dance.

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Because I couldn't pick just one video from Youtube to embedd...go to the Michael Jackson channel on youtube...CLICK!!!

Not to be forgotten, R.I.P. to Farrah Fawcett because that was just as WTF and she was such an icon. I'm just sorry that I don't have many memories of her because she was far before my time, but I know my brother and my mom were super upset about that one as well. All I can remember is that one iconic poster that everyone to this day still has hanging on their wall, and that I always thought she was so beautiful. Every single time I'd watch an old episode of Charlie's Angels I always thought about wanting to secretly be her. >_> It was so sad that she lost her battle with cancer, but to everyone's comfort she is no longer suffering and she will always be remembered by everyone who was a huge fan of hers. She was also someone else who will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to Farrah's and Michael's families.

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16 April 2009 @ 03:37 am
Hey guys I was going to update with my crappy day, but I'll save that for tomorrow! I'm doing a friends cut because I haven't done one in a long time and I see that I have some people who have added me that never commented on my entry to even let me know they had added me. I'm screening all the comments so if you want to stay as friends then comment in here then I'll go ahead and add you. If you don't want to stay friends then please unadd me, no hard feelings. This is my list:















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18 January 2009 @ 12:08 am
Yay MTV already had them up woohoo!!!!! {Edit: Stupid MTV and their jacked up videos. They don't work so click the link at the bottom and just find the show. It's like Ep. 16 with Ryan Sheckler & The Extras.}

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23 January 2008 @ 01:06 am
Wow you guys this has got to be the worst beginning to a year I can ever remember. Last year was awful too, there's something about January that just never seems to go right. It seems this year something went wrong and all of the things that could possibly go wrong actually are. I was already feeling much better after the crappy week I had last week, until today that is. My cousin texted me after not hearing from her for about a month and a half and out of the blue she tells me something about how horrible everythings going that first Brad and then Heath. I looked at the text and I was like....wait Heath? So of course I texted her but she didn't get back to me fast enough. I put the tv on E! and sure enough they had the breaking news scrolling at the bottom of the screen that he had died. Until I finished reading it I was literally in such shock I didn't move and I just kept staring and reading over and over. It was as if I had stepped into an alternate universe because that didn't make sense to me. Not Heath Ledger, it had to be wrong, it had to be a mistake.

After that I was texting a few of my friends back and forth and all of us were the same, just utterly shocked. All day I was crying off and on. I'd be okay one minute then I'd just cry again. I mean sure I've never met him before or anything, but I grew up with his movies. He held a special place in my heart and he was one of the few actors I knew was going to be one of the greats like Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and all of them. He had the potential and this is such a tragedy. What makes it worse is that they're saying it was accidental, which means it could have been prevented. Why Heath...just why? Brad Renfro was a great loss too, don't get me wrong, but he was struggling with the drug addiction. Heath's came out of nowhere. I didn't believe it until they showed footage on E! News of them wheeling his body out of his apartment. It was just depressing. My heart goes out to his family and his daughter, especially his daughter because she won't get to know what a great talent her dad was. At least he'll live on in the great movies he left us. How ironic that The Order was on tv the other day... I'm still going to see The Dark Knight, it'll just be a weird experience knowing he's gone, but still so alive in that movie.

A couple of my friends said these things happen in 3's which I hope they don't. I can't take anyone else being lost. It's just too much.

I'll always remember him from 10 Things I Hate About You the most, because that was one of my generations biggest movies and the first time I ever laid eyes on him.

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Heath Ledger
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